Metal Recalmation Putty

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The down-time, shut down, profit loss, energy decline, safety hazards pose major threat to many Industries. Monarch's SavesPast range of Metal Reclamation Putties offers wide range of products and service during routine and unexpected maintenance to solve the maintenance issues that arise from machinery and equipment break-downs and failures across wide spectrum of Industries. These 2 component epoxy putties containing Resin and Hardener which after mixing hardens to a firm metal like material, well adhering to almost any kind of surface. It rebuilds worn-out surface to the original specifications, in most of the cases in less than 2 hours down-time saving huge inventory / replacement cost. The surface of the base substrate is not altered as in case of soldering or welding and no thermal stresses are induced during repair. The cured mass can be painted, sanded, machined, tapped, ground, filed or drilled.