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Solar Reflective Coatings - Ultra High performance using Acrylic

The materials used for construction of building absorb and transfer heat inside of the building all the day. Heat always flow from the warmer side to cooler side and cooler to warmer side. 80% to 95% of heat gain during summer and about 70% of heat loss during winter trasferred through the walls, ceiling and roofs of the building by way of conduction and radiation. The conventional insulation only slows down the rate of heat transfer which after saturation cannot stop radiant heat. Monarch heat reflective coatings protect your roof from the deterioration caused by the sun's heat and UV radiation – heat absorption, asphalt breakdown, and thermal shock from heating/cooling cycles. Monarch heat reflective coatings provide a highly reflective, seamless solar barrier, protecting your roof against the corrosive elements that lead to moisture penetration and damaging leaks. If left unattended for too long, roof deterioration will exceed the limits of normal maintenance, and lead to a costly roof replacement.

OzoProtect SR

(Solar Reflective – Ultra High Performance using Acrylic Heat Reflective coating containing low density expanded thermoplastic microspheres with High SRI rating)

Description :

OzoProtect SR is a ultra high performance acrylic based Heat Reflective coating containing low density expanded thermoplastic microspheres with highest SRI rating of 116 designed for use in concrete and metal buildings thus increasing the comfort zone and standard of living conditions for occupants.

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Triple Action Coatings

Where to Use?

Application Demo

Commercial Application

  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Theater
  • Colleges
  • Apartments
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurant
  • Warehouses
  • Air-Conditioned Building
  • Sintex water tanks and pipe lines - To prevent water heat up

Follow this simple steps for application procedures


Clean and Wash the Surface


Mix OzoProtect well, get to brushable consistency


Apply using a brush or roller


Apply two coats OzoProtect at 1-2 hours interval without dilution

Note :

  • Simple to DIY.
  • Simple to brush application/Avail local painters.

For Best Result :

  • Apply immediatly after water wash.
  • Avoid application during peak hot conditions (12.00PM to 2.00PM)

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