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Metal Epoxy Sticks

MonoSticks are safe to use, sets rock hard in minutes, non- toxic, non – combustible, odorless and develops excellent bonding to almost any surfaces like metal, concrete, plastic, rubber etc., It is ready – to – use products and does not require any measuring or mixing.

Salient Features of Metal Epoxy Sticks


Application Demo

  • The key feature are: Rehabilitation instead of replacement, Safety enhancement as no dangers of hot work, In-situ application - do jobs right on production line, fast and economical repairs, ease in application procedures, permanent solutions to countless applications, increased reliability, reduce the cost of plant shutdown, match metal color, excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals, high compressive strength for mechanical applications.


  • Transformer
  • Pipeline
  • Over Head Tank
  • Sumps
  • Ground Level Reservoir
  • Storage Tanks

Application Procedure

  • Before starting, make sure your work area is protected from accidental spills. Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease and oil.
  • Roughen smooth surfaces to be repaired with sandpaper.
  • Cut off required amount of epoxy and knead with fingers to a uniform color. This should take no longer than two minutes.
  • Apply to the surface to be repaired. Force into cracks or holes to be filled. Excess material can be removed, before it is cured, with a tool wetted with clean water.
  • On wet or damp surfaces, work material into area forcefully and hold in place until adhesion begins. Do not use hand to hold in place as heat is given off during cure.
  • After 5 to 10 minutes, the epoxy will harden.
  • After 1 hour, material can be drilled, sanded, tapped, threaded, filed or painted.

Product Range

  • General Purpose

    • Titanium Epoxy Stick

      Titanium Epoxy Stick - for General Purpose Repairs

      Titanium Epoxy Stick (MonoStick TS)

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    • Steel Epoxy Stick

      Steel Epoxy Stick - for General Purpose Repairs

      Steel Epoxy Stick (MonoStick SS)

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    • Bronze Epoxy Stick

      Bronze Epoxy Stick - for Bronze/ Gun Metal Parts & Equipments Repairs

      Bronze Epoxy Stick (MonoStick BS)

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    • Aluminium Epoxy Stick

      Aluminium Epoxy Stick - for Aluminium parts & Equipments Repairs

      Aluminium Epoxy Stick (MonoStick AS)

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    • Copper Epoxy Stick

      Copper Epoxy Stick - for copper parts & Equipments Repairs

      Copper Epoxy Stick (MonoStick CS)

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    • Wood Epoxy Stick

      Wood Epoxy Stick - for Repair of Wooden Surfaces

      Wood Epoxy Stick (MonoStick WS)

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    • Concrete Epoxy Stick

      Concrete Epoxy Stick - for Repair of Concrete Surfaces

      Concrete Epoxy Stick (MonoStick COS)

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    • Express Titanium Stick

      Express Titanium Stick - for Sealing of Oil & Gas Leakages

      Express Titanium Stick (MonoStick ETS)

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    • Under Water Stick

      Under Water Stick for Sealing of Water & Chemical Leakages

      Under Water Stick for Sealing of Water (MonoStick UWS)

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